Past President Jerry Naylis Receives Hall of Flame Award at the IAAI International Training Conference

Today at the 74th IAAI International Training Conference in Cherokee, North Carolina past NJIAAI and IAAI Board President Jerry Naylis received the Hall of Flame Award from the IAAI.  IAAI President Randy Watson presented the award to Jerry at the conference with board members of the NJIAAI in attendance.


About the Hall of Flame
For recognition of individual(s) who has shown outstanding and significant achievements to the IAAI and the field of fire investigations in general, through the use of professional expertise that advances the global mission of the IAAI. The recipient shall display one or more of the following attributes:
  1. Character and contributions that display exemplary professionalism to the IAAI and the field of fire investigations in general. The nominee will be vetted based on their personal character, their professionalism, their positive influences on advancements within the field of fire investigations.
  2. A history of managerial or executive contributions through a leadership role in the IAAI which generated a significant contribution to the advancement of the global mission of the IAAI, or another significant contribution to the IAAI outside of a leadership role.
  3. Any person who provides a significant contribution in furtherance of the goals and objectives of the IAAI.

Jerry has served the field of fire investigation among others for several decades and has contributed many positives to the profession, this chapter and the international community.  Jerry served as the NJIAAI President from 1986-1989 and IAAI President from 2000-2001.  All the current and past board members would like to congratulate Jerry on this outstanding achievement and contributions over the years.