NFPA 921 2021 Edition is now available

The 2021 edition marks some of the most substantial changes since the original publication of the document.
The Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations offers the most complete and relevant industry information and practices. The publication features full-color images that convey core concepts and examples to provide you with deeper insight into fundamental investigation methodologies.

Notable changes in the 2021 edition include:

-Relocation of fire pattern text found throughout NFPA 921 into Chapter 6

-Restructured and rewritten Chapter 6, including the combination of fire patterns and arc-mapping as a single process of origin determination to account for the reclassification of arc mapping as a form of fire pattern analysis

-Deletion of Chapter 20, Classification of Fire Cause, and addition to Chapter 19, Fire Cause Determination, directing investigators to other standards should they need to classify the fire cause

-Revision and addition of text covering ignitable liquid detection canines (IGL canines) including training and certification

-Revised Chapter 14, Sources of Information, and substantial rewrite in relation to non-scene data


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