2021 Nominations and Voting Information


New Jersey Chapter

International Association of Arson Investigators 

The following is a list of positions that were open for the NJIAAI Board of Directors and those who are running for those positions.  The voting will be by secure electronic balloting through email to each member.  The voting will open at 8:00 am on Friday February 26, 2021, and close 8:00 am on Friday March 5, 2021 (1 week), the date and time of our virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The results will be immediate and broadcast at the meeting.  Following the voting guidelines of the International, if there are 2 open spots and 3 members vying for those spots, the 2 highest vote getters will win those 2 spots.



James Varick


Recording Secretary

*Bill Rieger


Corresponding Secretary

*Gene Wellington



*Joseph S. Herzberg



*Richard Wolfson

Mike Hines


North Vice President

*Edward Nunn


North Director (unexpired term Director and full-term Director)

*Michael Moscatello

*Scott Wilson

Rich Silva


Central Director

*William Johnson III

Chris Pujat


South Vice President

*Robert Carr Jr.


South Director

*Dave Wallace

Stephen Woods Jr.



*Denotes Incumbent(s)