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APRIL 18-23, 2021



Chapter Member Tip: Youth Firesetting and The Fire Investigation

When it comes to youth firesetting, their are several individuals in the state that provide excellent services to youths that have been referred to youth firesetting programs.  One individual is Tammy Deluca form the Cherry Hill Fire Department.  Tammy serves as the Director of Fire Watch program for youths in Camden County and also as the Public Education Officer/PIO for the Cherry Hill Fire Department.  Last year she received a grant from the Chapter at the annual AGM to continue those efforts.  She offers this suggestion to fire investigators if a youth is suspected of causing a fire.  

“When it comes to youth firesetting and the investigations of such I always urge those in the fire service and law enforcement not to take a small incident lightly.  Although it may be a small fire or seem not much of significance most likely it’s not the first fire the youth has set, it’s probably the first one he/she has been caught doing.  Best practice for investigating a possible youth set fire is to document as much and try to retrieve as much information from the parents/guardians as well as the youth”. 

Camden County FireWatch currently operates out of the Cherry Hill Fire Department, Fire Marshal’s Office.  Tammy DeLucca is the Program Director of FireWatch and has been for the past 14 years.  Tammy is a 28 year member of the fire service and has over 20 years of experience working with youth firesetters.

The Camden County FireWatch program was established in 1984 through a legal resolution of the Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders.  The program operated out of the Camden County Fire Marshal’s Office since its inception.  However, in 2013, the program has been operating out of the Cherry Hill Fire Department.  In addition to providing risk level assessment to referred families, FireWatch had provided continuous in-service training to network agencies as well as countless educational programs for the general public on the issues of Youth Firesetting and Fire and Burn Prevention.

Tammy DeLucca

Cherry Hill Fire Department


Juvenile Firesetter Prevention Unit
Charles Lavin, Supervisor
P.O. Box 809, Trenton NJ 08625
Phone: (609) 633-9732
Fax: (609) 292-6831
The Juvenile Firesetter unit coordinates a Statewide effort to establish a Juvenile Firesetter Prevention Program in each of the 21 counties.

IAAI Motor Vehicle Fire Investigation (3-day Class) Announcement in February 2021

Motor Vehicle Fire Investigation

Course Registration Link

The IAAI Motor Vehicle Fire Investigation 3 day course consists of 24 hours of tested instruction in determining origin and cause of motor vehicle fires, and culminates in an investigation of a live burn vehicle fire scenario. Based on Chapter 27 of NFPA 921, topics will include vehicle investigation safety, fuel packages, ignition sources, and vehicle systems and identification. Included in the instruction is a live electrical demonstration showing how fuses, fusible links and relays work, as well as real time failure such as overload and shorts. Utilizing the team concept, students will have the opportunity to investigate a live burn, construct a report, and present their findings to the class. the IAAI Motor Vehicle Fire Investigation 3 day course satisfies the Specialist Training Requirement of the IAAI Motor Vehicle Fire Credential Endorsement program.

COVID precautions will be followed: Must enter through front door only, temperatures will be taken, masks will be worn at all times inside building, and social distancing practices will be followed at all times.

Febuary 22-24, 2021
Classes start promptly at 8am:
Burlington County Fire Academy
53 Academy Drive
Westampton, NJ 08060

Registration Fees:
IAAI Member $545
Non-Member $815
Payment/purchase order must be received five days after registration.
Class size is limited: no refunds.

CFITrainer.Net®  Module Prerequisites:
Motor Vehicles: The Engine and the Ignition, Electrical and Fuel Systems
Motor Vehicles: The Transmission, Exhaust, Brakes and Accessory System
Investigating Motor Vehicle Fires

All IAAI offerings are subject to cancellation or changes

2021 Edition of NFPA 921

The 2021 edition marks some of the most substantial changes since the original publication of the document.

The Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations offers the most complete and relevant industry information and practices. The publication features full-color images that convey core concepts and examples to provide you with deeper insight into fundamental investigation methodologies.

Notable changes in the 2021 edition include:

  • Relocation of fire pattern text found throughout NFPA 921 into Chapter 6
  • Restructured and rewritten Chapter 6, including the combination of fire patterns and arc-mapping as a single process of origin determination to account for the reclassification of arc mapping as a form of fire pattern analysis
  • Deletion of Chapter 20, Classification of Fire Cause, and addition to Chapter 19, Fire Cause Determination, directing investigators to other standards should they need to classify the fire cause
  • Revision and addition of text covering ignitable liquid detection canines (IGL canines) including training and certification
  • Revised Chapter 14, Sources of Information, and substantial rewrite in relation to non-scene data

Access Link for NFPA 921 2021 Edition

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